Log Cabin Interiors: How Far To Go With The Log Look

29 March 2021
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Log cabin interior walls come in more varieties than many home buyers expect, from looking like actual log walls to having typical drywall on the inside with the logs visible on the home's exterior. When home buyers consult with your construction company about building a cabin, they may have preconceived notions about what the interior is supposed to look like. When they find out there are more options, they may look to you for advice on how each might affect them. Read More 

Three Things You Should Know About Earth Sheltered Homes

29 January 2021
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Earth sheltered homes have been around for decades, but are now getting more attention because of the concern about the environment and an appreciation for nature. However, these homes are often custom-built because they are meant to blend in with nature. The following are a few things to know about them. There are many features to having an earth sheltered home Although earth sheltered homes are often called underground homes, they can be built with one side facing the sunlight. Read More 

Using Ready Mix Concrete For A Perfect Backyard Setting

28 November 2020
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Sprinkle a little bit of life into your backyard so that you can make it a place that fits your vision of the perfect home. You don't have to stick to the norms when it comes to your landscape. Aside from the typical driveway and deck, you can also make customizable improvements however you'd like. With some planning and a little bit of ready mix concrete, you can create a fresh new outdoor patio, space for a backyard pizza oven, custom basketball court, or any other kind of hardscape that you can think of. Read More 

Insulating the Home: How Can Wall Insulation Help?

5 October 2020
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Wall insulation is something all homes should have. Unfortunately, older homes built decades or centuries ago do not always have adequate insulation, which causes some issues for the people who live in those homes. Without proper insulation, it is nearly impossible to keep the home's interior at a comfortable and ideal temperature. Having it added to the house is a smart move because of the difference insulation can make. How Does Wall Insulation Make Such a Difference? Read More 

Insight to Help You Plan for and Carry Out a Successful Kitchen Renovation

14 August 2020
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Your kitchen is a space in your home that gets quite a bit of wear and tear and is often a central congregating space for your family. For this reason, the space can look shabby after years of living in it. Here are some tips for handling a future kitchen remodel project so it's successful and makes the changes you want.  1. Complete Work in the Right Order When you first start removing the old kitchen elements and appliances to make way for the new, it is important that you remove materials from your kitchen in a calculated manner. Read More