Three Tips To Keep Cats Out Of Your Trees This Spring

10 May 2017
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There are many reasons why cats climb trees, and one of these is to track down the soulful call of newborn baby birds calling out to their mom. The problem is, when it comes to cats, what goes up doesn't always come down so easily. A cat in Lancaster County recently had a week-long ordeal of being stuck in a tree before it was finally rescued. Even if you don't own a cat of your own, now is the prime time to add deterrents to keep neighboring cats out of your trees. Read More 

Choosing A Wrought Iron Fence Style To Match Your Needs

16 March 2017
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Wrought iron fences are often associated with large manors and estates, adding prestige and sophistication to the property. Both the beautiful, ornate designs and the sturdy construction make wrought iron the fence of choice for those who wish to enhance the beauty of their landscape while providing added security. If you are considering installing a wrought iron fence around your existing property, or are restoring an old estate and want to recreate its original glory, you are probably wondering what style of panels you should choose. Read More 

How to Waterproof Your Crawl Space and Make It a Dry and Useful Space in Your Home

8 November 2016
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It can be frustrating when you have deal with a wet crawlspace or basement in your home, especially when you want to use the space for storing items without worrying about water damage. It is possible to waterproof your crawlspace or basement with the use of a few simple techniques to divert and prevent water seepage. Here are instructions to help you waterproof your crawlspace from its interior and exterior. Read More 

3 Ways to Prevent Your Garage Door from Opening on Its Own

6 October 2016
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Have you watched a horror movie in which the doors in the house open and close by themselves? Rogue or phantom garage-door operation isn't exactly a horror scenario, but it could become one if you keep valuable and irreplaceable items in your garage. Fortunately, you can stop this potential horror-film plot in its tracks by taking these preventative steps to safeguard your garage door. Take the Remote Out of Your Pocket Read More 

New Tiny House Owners: Choosing The Best Water Heater For Compact Spaces

2 August 2016
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When you own a tiny house, every square foot of the home must be truly accounted for and used. Hidden storage compartments, conversion areas, and raised lofts are just a few of the ways that these homes can take advantage of the extra space. When considering the everyday living situation of the home, you need to think about basic needs like access to hot water. In a tiny home, a water heater is the best way to achieve this goal. Read More