Insulating the Home: How Can Wall Insulation Help?

5 October 2020
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Wall insulation is something all homes should have. Unfortunately, older homes built decades or centuries ago do not always have adequate insulation, which causes some issues for the people who live in those homes. Without proper insulation, it is nearly impossible to keep the home's interior at a comfortable and ideal temperature. Having it added to the house is a smart move because of the difference insulation can make.

How Does Wall Insulation Make Such a Difference?

If someone lives in a home with no insulation, they might be able to quickly feel the cold air coming from outside whenever they sit anywhere near the wall. The cold air makes its way right through those thin walls, often leaving the home with an interior temperature just as low as the temperature outside. It is uncomfortable for the people who live in the house, and they will typically need to blast their heat at a higher temperature to get relief from that cold air. Insulation makes a difference when installed between the walls because it creates an additional barrier to block the cold air from entering. If there is high-quality insulation between the walls, homeowners should no longer need to put the heat at such a high temperature because it will not feel nearly as cold inside the property as it used to. Insulation makes such a difference because it drastically increases comfort and makes the home a lot more energy-efficient.

What Options Do the Homeowners Have?

Homeowners do have quite a few options when they want to add some insulation to the walls of their home. Spray foam insulation is one option. It works well to create a weatherproof barrier, and it repels moisture to keep mold from growing between the walls. Contractors would need to remove drywall before applying the spray foam insulation between the walls of the home. Although it is a great choice, fiberglass insulation works just as well and is such a popular selection. It is weatherproof like the spray foam option and works well at keeping the home's interior temperature under control. When comparing the two options, you may notice a lot of similarities between the two, but fiberglass is the more affordable insulation option.

Wall insulation makes a big difference because it helps homeowners maintain a comfortable temperature throughout each room. Two of the standard options offered include fiberglass and spray foam insulation, both of which are incredibly effective at making a property more energy-efficient.