Demolition Tips For A Yard Shed Removal Project

28 April 2020
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Making improvements to your property does not always mean you are adding a new concrete pad, landscaping, or other structure to it. Sometimes you need to remove a structure from your property to improve its use, especially if you have other plans for the area a shed, for example, is taking up. Here are some tips and insights to help you handle a shed demolition project in your backyard.

Make a Plan

When you know you need to demolish an outbuilding on your property, such as an old shed, it is recommended that you make a plan beforehand so you can cover all the needed areas for successful removal. This will help you consider the costs associated with the demolition so you can establish a budget, and consider which areas of the work you can handle on your own.

Then, you will need to look at any areas of the demolition project you need to hire a professional crew. For example, if the shed is a large structure that is two stories tall, you may need to hire a professional demolition crew to safely dismantle the roof and upper levels without any risk of injury.

Also look at renting a demolition dumpster, which you will need to collect and dispose of the waste from the project. A small shed on your property can quickly fill up a smaller-sized dumpster. Be sure you accurately calculate your dumpster needs. A local demolition expert can help you with the waste and clean-up.

Consider Safety

To keep yourself safe during the demolition, be sure you wear the appropriate gear, such as a hard hat, eye protection, work gloves, steel-toed boots and long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. You may also need to wear a mask to protect yourself from inhalation of fiberglass insulation, mold spores, mice droppings that can contain bacteria, and dust particles that can cause respiratory problems.

If there is any electricity connected to the shed, hire a professional electrician to shut off and disconnect the electricity and any wiring. If the shed is set upon a concrete slab, you might need to demolish the slab too, which can require the use of a sledgehammer or jackhammer. Be sure you follow any safety protocol with the use of these tools or hire a professional to do these jobs.

Whether you have hired a professional demolition crew to remove the old structure or you are doing the work yourself, be sure to remove the windows and doors first, then tear off the roof followed by the walls. This will ensure you remain safe during the process to avoid an emergency room visit.

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