How To Lower Heating Repair Costs

23 December 2019
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When your heating unit breaks down, you have no choice but ti have it repaired, especially if it's in the middle of winter. However, heating repairs can be expensive and you'll likely want to do whatever you can to keep heating costs lower.

Perform Regular Maintenance

The best way to keep heating repair costs lower is to avoid the need for heating repairs in the first place by performing regular maintenance. The most important form of maintenance to perform with your heating unit is to clean it. Heaters that are clean will operate more efficiently and will be less likely to break down. Also, make sure to lubricate the motor.

Make Repairs Early

There are some heating repairs that are less expensive than others. For example, if the problem is with your thermostat, you might simply need to replace the batteries. If you do have to replace the entire thermostat, it is usually not very expensive. 

Heating repairs will cost a median of $267, but some can cost as much as a thousand dollars. Replacing the igniter and the heat exchanger are among the most expensive costs. Therefore, if you can discover a defective heat exchanger early on, you may be able to have it repaired for less than it costs to replace it.

Unfortunately, bad igniters are among the most common problems that homeowners face when having their heating unit repaired. A bad igniter typically costs $300 to $500 to replace if done in the middle of the night. If you keep your igniter clean, you won't have to replace it.

Don't Ruin Your Furnace

A broken motor can be one of the more expensive heating component to replace. Blower motors are the most common type of motor used in a heating unit and can cost $1,200 to repair for the largest and most sophisticated motors. Smaller motors can still cost as much as $750. The most sophisticated blower motors use computers to ensure that they run efficiently. 

Regardless of how expensive it is to repair your heating unit, it's important to have your unit repaired as soon as possible. Repairs that aren't taken care of in a timely manner can become much more expensive with time. Repairs are much cheaper than replacing an entire furnace. On the low end, an electric furnace will cost as low as $1,200 to replace. On the high end, an oil furnace can cost as much as $9,000 to replace. Also, with a replacement, you'll often have to wait longer to have your heating restored.

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