Drilling Your Own Well Helps You Feel Better About The Quality Of Water Your Family Drinks

14 October 2019
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With stories in the news about contaminated city water supplies, you may start to worry about the quality of the water in your home. You may even want to consider having a private well drilled on your property so you can produce your own water. You can have your own well whether you live in the city or country and whether you're building a new home or already have your property developed. Here's what you should know about well water and drilling your own well.

Well Water Is Usually Pure And Clean

When you have a well that pulls water up from an underground water source, the water will probably be much cleaner than water supplied by the municipal supply. That's because the water has been filtered by the earth and it hasn't come in contact with surface contamination. You probably know it isn't always safe to drink water from a river or stream so you might think that applies to well water too. However, well water isn't exposed to the same contaminants as surface water, so it is usually a safe source of drinking water. However, since a well and the equipment exposes the water to the risk of contamination, you may want to filter the water as a precaution and have it tested annually for purity.

The Location Of The Well Matters

If your property hasn't been developed yet, you may want to let the drilling service choose the best location for your well, and then you can place your septic system, barn, house, and other buildings and yard features around the well. A drilling service can usually find water no matter how deep it is, but the deeper the well, the more expensive it is to install. So, instead of drilling a well on top of a hill where you might want your house to be, the best location may be in a valley.

If your home is already built, then the drilling service has other considerations such as getting the drilling equipment in your backyard and staying the required distance away from underground utilities, plumbing pipes, and your house. In addition to choosing the best location for the well, the drilling company can help you decide on the right depth depending on how you plan to use the well and the quality of water you prefer.

Keeping Up With Maintenance Is Important

You may wonder if investing in a well is a good idea if the well will go dry eventually. While it's possible for a well to go dry, it doesn't happen very often due to a lack of water when the well is drilled to the right depth. Instead, many of the decommissioned wells you hear about were shut down due to other reasons such as casing failure or contamination. You'll want to maintain your well properly so it has a long life and continues to produce water for decades. Your well might stop producing water due to clogs or problems with the equipment that can be avoided through regular maintenance.

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