Why A Pole Barn Could Make An Ideal Garage

22 July 2019
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If you bought a home without a garage, or if you converted your garage to an additional bedroom, you might be missing the storage space a garage provides. A garage has so many uses besides just sheltering a car that it's unhandy to live in a home without one. An option you might consider is building a new garage if you have the space on your property. A quicker and more affordable way to build a garage is to put up a pole barn. Here's why a pole barn could make the perfect garage.

They Can Be Built In Small Sizes

If all you need is a storage space or a place to park a motorcycle, mowers, or a single car, then a small barn might be all you need. If you want a place to park a full-size RV, boat, or multiple cars, you'll want a much larger barn. You often buy pole barns in kits in predetermined sizes, but you can also have one custom made to your specifications.

A Concrete Slab Isn't Necessary

Pole barn construction doesn't require a concrete foundation. The barns use post-frame construction that uses poles as the foundation. While you may still want a slab for parking your vehicles, it's possible to have a dirt or gravel floor if you want to speed up construction or lower costs.

They Can Be Wired And Insulated

You might be fine with a simple barn with a dirt floor for a garage, but if you want to use the space for storage or as a workshop or recreational room too, then you'll want a suitable floor, electricity, and insulation. You may also want some sort of climate control, although the barn may stay cool enough in the summer with the garage door open and a fan. A pole barn can be finished to be just as functional as any other building or room addition. If you want extra space to work on your cars or just to watch sports games on the weekend, a pole barn can be built to match your specific needs when it comes to electricity, plumbing, and climate control. However, when you add these features, the finished cost of the barn will be much higher.

Building a pole barn could turn out to be an even better option than having a traditional garage attached to your house. You could have more room, which is essential if you have an RV and other types of recreational equipment. Plus, you can have the size, space, and design you want that fits your lifestyle.

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