How To Prep For An Asphalt Paving Project

11 June 2019
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Tackling an asphalt paving project, even with the assistance of professionals, is a task that calls for a degree of preparation. Whether you're doing brand new work, resurfacing a spot, or having repairs performed, it's wise to think ahead. Here are three things that an asphalt paving services team will appreciate you getting out in front of.

Assessing the Current Condition of the Site

While your asphalt paving services contractor is still going to need to look at the ground truth of a project for themselves, you providing them an honest view of what's going on can help. For example, if there's an existing surface, is it showing signs of cracking or crumbling? Is the base made of concrete or is there some sort of stone aggregate there? Has the ground been compacted recently, such as during an initial construction project? Is there drainage in place?  If there isn't a surface installed, has the site been graded with a sufficient slope to allow water to run off?

A lot of the disparity between an initial estimate given over the phone and what actually ends up being the final cost of a project arises from bad initial reads of conditions. Be honest and maybe even a little pessimistic in assessing the site.

Learning about Necessary Permits or Other Requirements

You should also be aware of any points where your asphalt surface is going to connect with adjoining streets and roads. Some municipalities require permits for these kinds of connections, and they generally have standards for what the connection will end up like. Take the time to talk with your local code enforcement officials about what the rules are in your area. You may also be responsible for redirecting traffic.

Clearing a Site for Paving

Getting vehicles, garbage bins, and other items out of the space in advance of a job will speed things up significantly. If the project is going to inconvenience neighbors, try to notify them that work will be done. Especially if you're going to need to move vehicles onto nearby streets, let folks know several days in advance.

Your contractor will check the weather report and schedule the job accordingly. They'll visit about two days before the job is to start in order to verify that the site is prepped. They may also perform cleaning, especially if they're applying new material onto a current surface.

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