Answers For Those Wanting To Add A Fireplace To Their Home

25 September 2018
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Sitting by a roaring fire can help to keep you comfortable when the winter weather arrives. However, many homes may not be outfitted with fireplaces. While homeowners might think that it will not be possible to add a fireplace, this is an upgrade that is more common than you may have realized.

Can Any Home Have A Fireplace Added To It?

While it is possible to add a fireplace to most homes, there are some issues that could prevent this upgrade from being possible. One of the most common reasons will simply be a lack of space. In addition to the actual fireplace, it will also be necessary to install a chimney so that the smoke can vent out of it. It should also be noted that a fireplace and chimney can be a very heavy addition to make to a home. This will make it necessary to verify that the home's floors and foundation can support the additional weight.

How Will A Fireplace Impact Your Home's Energy Efficiency?

A fireplace can help to reduce the demands on your home's primary heating system. This can often result in an immediate reduction in your heating costs. Some homeowners might assume that the chimney will be a major source of energy waste when it is not in use. This assumption is due to the belief that cold air will enter through the chimney during the winter while hot air will do this during the summer. A chimney will be equipped with a component that can be used to block the flow of air when the fireplace is not being used. You can also purchase dampers that will be placed on the top of the chimney, and this can further reduce the ability of air to enter or exit the home through the chimney.

Is A Fireplace A Lot Of Work To Maintain?

It is a common assumption that a fireplace and chimney will substantially add to the maintenance needs of your property. However, the work that will need to go into the fireplace and chimney is likely much less than you may assume. Typically, the only frequent work that you must directly do will be to clean the fireplace after using it. Yearly service visits are also needed to clean the difficult to reach areas of the chimney and to inspect the hearth and chimney for damage, but this work will be done by a fireplace and chimney technician.

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