Repairing An Electrical Fence: Three Reasons Why It's More Complicated

30 October 2017
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Having an electrical fence is invaluable, whether you own livestock or not. An electrical fence that is turned on is an excellent deterrent for trespassers and intruders. Yet even electrical fences require fence repair services from time to time. But you need to realize that electrical fence repair is more complicated than normal fence repair. Here are some reasons why.

The Electricity

Clearly, you cannot just walk up to an electrical fence and begin tinkering with it. The jolts of electricity surging through it are meant to deter cattle from pushing through, and those animals are three to five times the size of an average human. That is quite a shock if you just touch the wiring, and it is much worse if you touch it with metal tools to fix it.

Ergo, the power to the fence has to be turned off completely in order to make repairs. That makes the whole of your property vulnerable while repairs are being made. If you actually do have livestock, that puts the livestock at risk, too, but at least you can redirect the livestock into a temporary pen before the repair work begins.

Extensive Checks and Rechecks

Because an electric fence is not like other fences, you can expect that a repair is not as simple. A PVC or wood fence is repaired, and the repair person moves on to the next problem section or the next job. But with an electric fence, the technician has to check to make sure the flow of electricity is live, and then turn it off and turn it back on and check again. In the meantime, this means that you might have to man a walkie-talkie and the power station for the fence so that you can turn the fence's power on and off when the technician (on the other walkie-talkie) asks or tells you to.

Grounding the Fence

Electrical fences have to be grounded, and by that it does not mean simply stuck in the ground! The fences have special rods used to prevent the fence from shorting out or losing power because all of the power is traveling directly into the ground below it and dispersing from there. The rods help keep the electrical power in the wire fencing and prevent shorting out. So, when the repair person comes to repair your electrical fence, he/she has to reveal the rods, test them for conductivity and electrical containment, and replace them if they are not functioning properly.

If your electric fence needs repairs done, it is best if you call a professional fence repair company, since these repairs are more complicated than you think. For help, contact a professional in your area, or visit websites like for more information.