5 Tips For Reinforcing The Exterior Membrane By Waterproofing Your Home

2 September 2017
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If you notice that your basement is constantly wet or the walls have started to leak, it's possible that the foundation walls have started to leak. There are several reasons that could be the cause of the basement walls leaking, such as bad concrete on the walls, drainage issues with the downspouts and gutters, soil saturation, among other issues. The information listed below provides some tips on reinforcing the exterior membrane of your home by waterproofing the lower exterior of your home:

Using Tar And Polymer

There are several combinations of materials that can be used for waterproofing the exterior membrane of your home. However, the most common materials used is a tar and polymer based solution to reinforce the lower exterior foundation of your one. The mixture of materials is used to create a barrier around the exterior of the basement walls. The exterior membrane is applied by digging up the soil around the home to add foundation footings.

Preparing And Cleaning

The exterior walls should be hosed and scrubbed off before any type of work can be completed surrounding the foundation of the home. This means that any soil, loose mortar, or dirt that is stuck to the surface should be scrubbed off. Once the walls have been cleaned new mortar can be applied where the foundation walls appear uneven.

Applying Tar And Polymer

In order to apply the mortar mixture of tar and polymer, you have to coat the surface you have to spray it onto the surface of the wall. In addition, the excess soil is excavated beforehand until the materials sprayed on the wall dry completely. Then the soil is put back in place using a backfill once the newly applied membrane has cured.

Repairing Cracks In The Membrane

One of the most commonly used materials for sealing off any cracks in the exterior membrane of your basement walls is polyurethane. This material is injected into the cracks so it can expand and effectively close off any areas that cause water to seep into the interior of your basement.

Alleviating Drainage Issues

Consider further securing the exterior of your basement after reinforcing the membrane. The addition of drain tiles will help prevent water from over saturating the soil along the exterior of your home. The drain tiles are typically placed along the membrane to reinforce the surface around your home.

If you are uncertain about the type of exterior waterproofing required for your home, consider consulting with a contractor.