Replace Your Windows For Better Home Energy Efficiency

28 July 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When you are focused on improving your home's energy efficiency, residential window replacement is a good area to target. Read on to find more about why and how to replace your windows. 

Older Windows Had Lower Standards

You probably didn't replace the windows as soon as you bought your house. If it's a few decades old, those windows were probably not of the same energy standards as today. With improvements in design, installation techniques, and materials, modern windows have become much better at preventing unwanted home intrusion and curbing home energy loss. A lot of that improvement lies in the insulated materials used to seal the edges between the glass and the frame as well as between the frame and the wall. That's why many residential window replacement teams have their hands full with maintenance requests from owners of older homes. If you do plan on selling, know that high quality, insulated windows are becoming a standard expectation from buyers. Why not benefit from energy savings too by installing the windows now?

Cracked Windows Leak Air

Also consider that cracks in windows make it even harder to get a good seal from the outside world. That crack is a space where air can pass freely in and out of the house, so cracked windows are even more important to repair. 

Don't Believe it? Get a Home Energy Audit

You can see the effects of bad windows with your own home energy audit. This inspector will use equipment to blow air through walls or windows and see how quickly air is lost. The results will show you which areas of your house are the biggest culprits in home energy loss.

How to Replace Windows

Talk to a residential window replacement team to learn for sure whether or not you need to replace windows. Sometimes, you can simply replace the seal around the windows to get a great result. Sometimes the frame needs to be replaced, and sometimes it doesn't. But if the windows themselves have thin glass or are damaged, it's a good idea to replace them too. Keep in mind that thicker windows have the added benefit of being a security measure, since thin glass windows are very easy to break into; double pane glass is much harder to overcome. Your residential window replacement specialist will help you choose the right glass, the frames to fit, and the ideal insulation for your home.