Need Rain Gutters? Why You Should Choose Seamless Ones

10 May 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you get soaked every time you walk outside your home when it is raining, either you don't have any rain gutters or you need new ones. Not only will they keep you from getting wet walking in and out of your home, but they will also prevent the water from accumulating around the foundation and causing damage. Before you head to the hardware store to buy some gutter sections and install them yourself, consider the benefits of seamless gutters.

Less Maintenance

Sectional gutters have joint pieces that hold the sections together. These joints create crevices where dirt and debris can become trapped. This will cause a buildup and prevent the water from flowing to the downspout. Seamless gutters have no joints, so there is much less of a chance for clogged or filled gutters.

No Leaks

While it is possible to get a leak in a seamless gutter, it is very rare. Since there are no joints, there is no place for the water to leak through. Unless the gutter is damaged in a way that creates an opening in the gutter, it is not going to leak. In addition, because the debris flows through them better, they do not get filled so the water overflows.

Automatic Cleaners

If you want to have automatic cleaners installed in the gutters, you should have the seamless style. The pieces that push the debris through the troughs can become caught on the joints in sectional gutters, basically rendering them useless. Many automatic systems will not work at all in sectional gutters.


Seamless gutters must be installed by a professional. They come to your home and make the troughs on-site. This ensures the whole system fits your house perfectly. Sectional gutters that you buy at a hardware store will have to be cut to fit your home. Getting the cuts perfect can be difficult, so you may end up with small buckles or open areas that require another joint.


While seamless gutters may cost more initially, you will find that, because they do not have all the joints, they will last longer. Water can seep under a joint and become trapped there, causing the metal to corrode and leak. You will spend more money replacing different sections over the years than you would for the cost of a whole seamless setup.

Because seamless gutters are so easy to maintain and come in colors to go with your home, talk with the sales person about them when you go shopping. Since you will be adding rain gutters to your home, why not go with the ones that will give you the least trouble in the future? Contact a company like A-1 Seamless Gutters Inc to learn more about your options.