How Impact Doors Can Protect Elderly Homes From Excessive Heat

10 April 2017
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Impact doors are designed to withstand heavy winds and a variety of dangerous hurricane weather conditions. In this way, they are a very useful addition to an elderly home. However, they can also keep the residents inside safe by protecting them from excessive heat.

Heat Can Be Dangerous For The Elderly

Every year, the news has reports discussing elderly people dying due to excessive heat conditions. How can excessive heat kill somebody? High heat can cause a person to dehydrate quickly and raise their body temperature.

When this happens, they are likely to suffer from serious health problems, including fainting and even dying. In elderly homes, this can be worse because there are often many people living in the same area, increasing the home's temperature level through body heat. However, this can be managed with impact doors.

How Impact Doors Can Help

While impact doors are designed to help with hurricanes and severe weather situations, they are also useful for many other situations. One thing they do that few people really notice is keep UV radiation from a home. In fact, a good impact door is found to filter out 99 percent of all of these rays from the sun and keep them from warming a home.

As a result, impact doors can help decrease the dangerous level of heat in a home. While they can't be used as a single treatment for managing excessive heat, they can still be a useful option for those who are trying to find a way to keep their elderly home safe from heat and protected from dangerous weather conditions at the same time.

A Cost Analysis

The only problem that may turn many people away from trying out impact doors is the cost. The average price of an impact door can cost $1,900 per door. This is an understandable price for people who live in hurricane areas or businesses that want to avoid serious damage. But is this an affordable cost for the average person looking to lower their elderly home's heat level?

It is a worthwhile cost if it helps keep a person from being taken to the emergency room. If the heat in a home gets too high and someone ends up suffering from heat stroke and fainting, an emergency room trip can cost nearly $1,300. Considering that an impact door costs just a little over that, and can help a home in a hurricane area, it is a great investment.

That said, an impact door alone cannot keep an elderly home from getting too hot. A good central air system can also help here. Thankfully, a good impact door also has the advantage of providing an elderly home with protection from severe weather conditions, making it a wise investment.