Been In A Fender Bender? Rent A Stud Welder To Fix The Dents Yourself

1 March 2017
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In most cases, the problem with a fender bender is the cost of fixing the dents afterward. If another vehicle was involved and you were at fault, you may want to pay for the repairs yourself to keep it from going on your insurance record. Of course, the cost of the repair is probably going to be more than the deductible on your insurance. There is a way to pull out the dents yourself with a stud welder rental.

A stud welder is used to weld fasteners to metals. It is generally done to avoid having to puncture the metal in order to attach it to something else. This protects the integrity and strength of the metal and provides a strong connection to the other piece. A stud welding gun is easier to use than other welding equipment and does not require extensive knowledge to be able to operate.

Preparing the Metal

It is important that you understand welding the fasteners can only be done to metal. Therefore, you must sand the complete area down to bare metal. Once you have sanded the area, and a few inches around it, be sure to clean the area completely. Any dust from the sanding, oil, or grease will prevent a strong weld. If the weld is not strong enough you may pull the fastener off before the dent is pulled out.

Attaching the Fasteners

Insert a pin stud approximately 1½ inches long into the welding gun and press it tightly to the dented area. Once the pin is attached, slowly pull the gun away to keep from disrupting the weld. Continue to place pins across the center of the dent. If the dent is both wide and long, be sure to place the pins both horizontally and vertically.

Pulling Out the Dent

Carefully place a slide hammer over the outermost pin. Hold the slide with one hand while quickly pulling on the handle with the other hand. This should pull the dent out around the pin. Do this for each pin, working from the outside of the dent toward the center. Once the dent is removed, place the slide hammer over each pin again and sharply snap the handle to pull the pin from the car. Sand down any welding material that remains to create a smooth surface.

Once the dent has been pulled out you can choose to paint the area yourself or h ave a professional do the work. After the car is repaired, consider taking yourself out for a nice dinner or doing something special to celebrate the amount of money you just saved.