4 Ways To Create Extra Privacy Along Your Chain Link Fence

29 December 2015
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Chain link fencing is an awesome option for any home as it is less expensive than most other fencing types, it's virtually maintenance free, and it provides optimal property security for both people and pets within the household. But chain link fencing isn't exactly cooperative when it comes to privacy within the yard. Luckily, there are a few easy fixes you can consider implementing that should provide you with the privacy you want without having to invest in any large construction projects or fence replacements. Here are some effective options that may just be perfect for your specific situation:

Install Faux Ivy Screens

An effective way to increase your property's privacy and make your chain link fencing look like a more natural element of your landscaping is to install faux ivy screens on the fencing. These faux screens can be rolled, bent, and rounded to ensure a snug fit no matter how your fence is configured. Simply attach the screens with the included fasteners for instant privacy. Faux ivy screens can be cut and installed in pieces to make replacements and repairs easy if any damage occurs throughout the years.

Plant Natural Wind Barriers

Another effective option is to plant natural wind barriers along the interior of your chain link fence. This will not only provide you with some beautifully designed privacy, but it will also help to block strong winds and rain from hitting your home which should help you maintain optimal interior temperatures while putting minimal wear and tear on your HVAC system. Some interesting options include:

Try planting two or three different types of hedges along your fence line to optimize curb appeal, landscape texture, and your overall property value.

Use Lattice to Grow Food

If you are into growing your own food, you can use your chain link fence to get the job done while providing your property with some extra privacy at the same time. Use some wire to attach some lattice against the interior of your chain link fencing and then plant tomatoes, berries, squash, beans, and other vine foods right in front of the lattice.

Within just a few weeks the lattice should be filled with vines and leaves, blocking the view to and from the road and providing you with fresh ingredients for your soups, salads, and pastas. Keep an eye on the vines of your plants as they make their way up the lattice – any areas where the vines are sagging or seem to be having a hard time gripping the lattice should be lightly secured with the help of twisty ties or thin pieces of string.

Have Custom Tapestries Made

Yet another fun way to provide your property with some extra privacy is to have custom weatherproof tapestries made to hang along your chain link fence line. Choose an abstract design, a colorful nature landscape, or beach scenes to have printed on large pieces of canvas and then have them sealed to stave off water, sun, and wind damage. Then hang and attach them along the fence line in front of your house to keep passersby from seeing into your yard. Your tapestries should be easy to clean with the help of soapy water, a sponge, and a hose to rinse them off once they've been scrubbed.

These tips and tricks can be used alone or in combination with one another to create a custom look and feel that meets your family's specific needs without any negative affects to your property's overall curb appeal. Now, consider checking out a fencing company like Nickelston Fence Inc to look into your fencing options.