5 Simple Ways To Majorly Boost Your Curb Appeal

25 November 2015
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When making home improvements, don't neglect the exterior of your home. Not only will seeing your well-maintained and cheery home make you smile whenever you come home, but improving your curb appeal may help boost the resale value of your home. The outside of your home is the first thing prospective buyers see and it definitely creates a powerful impression, good or bad. So, by boosting your curb appeal, you will be making your home more enjoyable for yourself now and easier to sell when the time comes.

Add Vinyl Siding

Replacing your existing siding with vinyl siding has many advantages. The new siding will freshen the entire appearance of your home, making it look brand new. Vinyl siding is both affordable and easy to maintain when compared to other siding options. Vinyl siding requires no painting and is super easy to clean.

These days vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes, including siding that looks just like slate, stone, or wood. This allows you to get the exact look you want for the exterior of your home with the ease of vinyl. Vinyl siding is also known for its durability, even in areas of the country with extreme weather. Contact a company like Allstate Gutter & Siding for more information.

Replace the Front Door

Your front door has a huge impact on how inviting and beautiful your home looks. If your door is old and falling apart, replacing it will make a huge difference in how your house feels. In addition, a new door may help lower your energy costs by doing a better job of keeping cold air out in winter and hot air out in summer.

If your front door is essentially in great shape but the color is lackluster, a new paint job is a quick and affordable way to transform the look of your home. The paint color you choose will probably vary depending on the style of your home and the feel of your neighborhood, but here are some ideas to get you started.

Upgrade the Small Details

The little details are affordable and easy to upgrade but pack a punch when it comes to the overall feel and appearance of your home. Spend some time swapping out old, dated door knobs, porch light fixtures, and your mailbox for something more fresh and bright. A cheerful new welcome mat and some potted flowers on the front porch will make your home seem much more inviting at a minimal cost.

Add Lighting

Exterior lighting consistently ranks high on the National Association of Home Builders' annual "What Home Buyers Really Want" survey. Adding exterior lights not only boosts your home's curb appeal but also improves your home security. Some great options include LED path lights to light the way from the street to the front door in a visually appealing way, and motion sensor porch lights so you can safely and quickly get into your home at night instead of fumbling for your keys in the dark.

Add Fresh Mulch

A fresh layer of mulch in your flower beds and other landscaped areas can make a huge difference in how well-maintained and clean your yard appears. Mulch is very inexpensive and requires no landscaping expertise, so it's a great option for sprucing up your yard without a major, expensive landscaping undertaking. Mulch also protects your plants and soil, inhibits the growth of weeds, and requires no watering—score!

Transforming the outside of your home doesn't have to be especially complicated or expensive. All of these projects can be tackled on a budget, and will have a major impact on the appearance and feel of your home.