Glass Shower Doors Don't Have To Be A Maintenance Nightmare

18 August 2015
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Shower curtains are tough to keep clean and always get in the way. Glass doors are a common solution, as they take care of both these problems. As a bonus, a well designed glass enclosure creates an extremely attractive bathroom. 

Consider Going With a Non-Traditional Material

A major part of the reason that glass shower doors are so hard to maintain is that the surface is so susceptible to grime. Unless your water is absolutely pure, the minerals in the water will start to build up on the glass in short order. Once you have all those tiny crystals from the water, dirt and mildew can find plenty of space to get a purchase. However, clear glass is not your only choice, even if it the most common. Any building material that is designed to be outside is waterproofed, and can therefore be used to create your shower enclosure.

  • Glass block is possibly the most common replacement. The textured surface makes water spots less visible, and they still let through plenty of light.
  • Stone can create a natural look and needs almost no cleaning. Just be sure that the type of stone you choose is not too porous-- it might work just fine as a barrier, but it will be more likely to stain.
  • Treated wood is another natural material that can make a stunning shower enclosure. You will need to take some time to maintain the stain on the wood, but the results are worth it.

Create a Cleaning Route to Keep Things Under Control

Buildup is the enemy of glass shower enclosures, but if you prevent buildup, you also prevent most of these problems. The best way to do this is to make keeping the glass nice a basic part of your routine.

Start by clearing out any existing soap scum buildup. Specialized products exist for this, but you can also just grab a dryer sheet and work at the surface with that. Baking soda or vinegar, the "universal" home cleaning products are a great choice here as well.

Once you have nice, clear glass, keeping it that way will be much easier. After each shower, take a few minutes to wipe down the glass. This will prevent most of the soap scum from building up in the first place. That, plus a weekly cleaning with vinegar should keep everything spic and span.

Make Use of Tools That Can Make Maintenance Easier

Any job is easier with the right tools, and keeping your shower doors clean is no exception to this rule. Start with a good squeegee. This will make wiping down after a shower quick and painless. There are plenty of quality products that are designed to be stored in the shower. From there, it is just a matter of getting into the habit of using it every time you take a shower.

Bathroom products are not the only thing that will be useful in keeping your bathroom clean. Take advantage of a product designed for cars. There are a few different brand names, but you just need to stop by the auto cleaning department and pick up something that is designed to help rain wick away more quickly. There isn't any real difference between water from your shower and rain water in this respect-- these products will do just as well at getting water to just roll off your shower doors.

Glass shower doors are a great way to beautify your bathroom, but it is often difficult to keep them pristine. These techniques will give you the confidence to go this route, and ensure that you can maintain it.