10 Reasons Your Chestnuts Should Be Roasting On An Open Fire

17 November 2014
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Few things can add more charm to your home than a wood burning stove or fireplace. The rustic scent, soft glow and hypnotic enticement really have no equals on the domestic front, but they're even more useful beyond the coziness and aura. Here are 10 good reasons to switch to wood at your home.

1. Lowering Heating Bills

Propane heating can cost upwards of 2,000 dollars a month in New England these days, and if you live in the south and use electric for heat, you're looking at more than 800 dollars to take the chill out of your home. Add those figures to the cost of your rent or mortgage and it's a wonder anyone can afford the cost of living anywhere. Heating by wood has enormous economic advantages, be it by fireplace or stove.

2. Reducing Your Oil Dependency

Big oil companies dominate the planet, with seeming disregard for spills that destroy wildlife, and even earthquakes that follow fracking. Decades of war in some countries don't slow the greed, and the United States is not immune from being a slave to oil. Won't you feel better knowing you're not contributing to that whole messy, unforgiving affair?

3. Making Marriage Proposals!

If you can't fly your fiance to Paris or Rome, the next best, most romantic venue is by far a fireplace. Picture the glistening champagne glasses, glimmering candles and gently roaring flames. Getting down on bended knee in this setting will practically guarantee a resounding "Yes!" from your partner and make for the fondest of memories later in life.

4. Getting More Healthy Exercise

The process of procuring wood for home heating may burn as much as 500 calories an hour, not to mention give you incredible tone and definition in your stomach and arms. Of course, make sure you're healthy enough to exercise in the cold temperatures, as there is an increased risk for heart attack.

5. Increasing The Value Of Your Home

The act of adding a fireplace to your house can raise its value by a whopping 12,000 dollars, however, because your home becomes so cozy and welcoming, you may not ever be interested in selling it, no matter how high an offer is made for it.

6. Being Prepared For A Power Outage

Particularly in places like Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, ice and snow storms leave residents without power for days on end, and no area is exempt from the brutality of Mother Nature. With a fireplace or wood burning stove, your home always has a source of heat, even when your block is without power.

7. Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint

Since wood is carbon-neutral, you're definitely improving the air quality in your neighborhood by burning logs instead of oil, propane, coal or running electricity for heat. Using those fossil fuels releases massive amounts of carbon dioxide, which has led to the problems associated with greenhouse gases.

8. Eliminating The Dangers Of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide kills over 500 Americans every year, primarily because it's such a stealthy poison. You can't smell or see it, and most victims are overcome before realizing something bad is going on. Burning wood makes your home safer; however, don't ever overlook the value of smoke and fire detectors, as any source of heat or flame is potentially dangerous.

9. Rekindling Romance

In front of a fireplace you can discuss even the trickiest of problems that couples encounter, and the flickering flames seem to soften moods and encourage the more kindred spirit within you to emerge. Getting romantic by the fire is easily accomplished, even if you're traditionally an oaf in that department.

10. Making Your Home A More Welcome Place

No matter what the season, welcoming guests and making them feel comfortable can be accomplished with ease when you're tossing logs onto an open fire. Sitting with coffee, tea or cocoa is a relaxing pleasure people you know will find irresistible. Having more close friends even extends your life, boost your immune system and increase your heart health -- try getting all that from a big old ugly furnace!

Wherever you live, consider the value and lifestyle benefits of fireplaces or wood burning stoves in your home. Either one is a very efficient way to turn your home into your castle, and a great way to roast those chestnuts!