Sprucing Up Your Garage For Added Curb Appeal

12 November 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles


A broken garage door spring can cause your doors to hang cockeyed -- not the first impression you're really trying to make to passers-by or neighbors. Nothing makes a home look more neglected than a beat-up garage. It takes a simple phone call to have a repairman out to fix or replace a malfunctioning garage door. And while you're on the job, notice other factors that are making your garage look less than its best:


A cracked and broken driveway leading up to it looks almost as bad as a beat-up garage. Sadly, many driveway materials do just that over time. Whether your drive is made of concrete, asphalt or pavers, it can become stained and distressed over time. Spend a few dollars to restore it to its original beauty by replacing broken tiles or having cracks professionally filled. Consider pressure-washing and painting stained concrete to give it a new lease on life. Small fixes like these go far in furthering your curb appeal, and they can even raise the resale value of your home. And if you're going to take the time to fix that broken garage door, you don't want to leave a nasty-looking driveway leading up to it.

Paved Walkways

Do you have grass growing between your pavers? Are they washing out and resting at odd angles? Keep that paved walkway that leads to your garage entrance in good, navigable shape -- not only to enhance your curb appeal, but also to keep your guests safe. Uneven paving stones that jut out at odd angles are a trip and fall hazard, and the last way you want to meet a new neighbor. Take a little time every spring or fall to notice the condition of your paving stones. If they need to be replaced, replace them. If they need to be leveled, level them. Keep them in good condition, and they'll help lead you safely to your garage and back for years to come.


Is your garage surrounded by lush, healthy shrubs that look like they've been in place for years? Or does it still sit shamefully atop the red fill dirt that was pushed there during construction 10 years ago? If you never quite finished the landscaping around your garage, now is the time. Choose plants that are native to your area, as they'll require less care and babying. You might also consider placing landscape edging around your garage gardens to give them a finished look.

Garage Entryway

Do you only pay attention to your garage entryway when it's time to put up the Christmas lights? If so, it might be time to expand your decor horizons by decking the entryway for every major season and holiday: fresh flowers in summer, greenery in spring, and a plethora of other delightful decor options for every occasion from the Fourth of July to Halloween. After all, a door is a door. And if you're going to decorate the front entryway of your home for the holidays, you might as well festoon the garage to match. It will create a cohesive and festive appeal that makes it look as if your garage truly is an important addition to your home.

Performing simple spruce-ups like these once or twice a year will go far in keeping your garage clean, green and lovely. If people are going to talk about you, after all, they might as well mention your beautifully maintained home, lawn, walkways, driveway and garage. Make your construction the envy of the neighborhood simply by paying attention to detail, spending a little money, and using elbow grease to get everything into ship-shape condition. Haunt your local home improvement store for specials that occur at the change of every season. This is an inspiring and affordable way to build a decor collection that you can use year after year. Visit websites like http://planooverhead.com for more information on keeping your garage in shape.