Tips To Help You Save Money On Heating And Cooling Costs

10 November 2014
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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 48% of the average homeowner's energy bills is for heating and cooling costs. If you are tired of paying so much for your energy bills, you may be able to save money by making a few changes in your home. Here are some tips that might help you lower your heating and cooling costs all year long.

Tips for Your AC System

If your AC system is not running efficiently, you may be losing a lot of money in energy costs. If you are not quite ready to replace your central AC, you could take other steps to improve its efficiency, including:

Clean the System

HVAC companies offer AC cleaning services, and these usually cost between $100 to $250, or you can clean the system yourself. The most important part to clean is the outdoor condenser. This is an important component of a central AC system, but it tends to get dirty because it is located outside.

Improve the Ventilation

There are a number of different ways to ventilate a house, and adding a whole house fan is one option. This fan is located in the attic of a home and its purpose is to circulate air throughout your house.

To get the most out of a whole house fan, you should open your windows and turn on the fan. The fan will push air out of the attic and this will pull air into the windows. According to House Logic, you may be able to cool your entire house in this manner, without using your central AC system.

Plants and Shading

You can also reduce the temperature in your house by planting trees and plants around the exterior of your house. Plants will stop the heat from the sun from entering the home, and your home might stay cooler from this.

Another option is to close your curtains on hot days to deflect some of the rays from the sun. If you would like to take it a step further, you could install window film on your windows. This film is designed to reduce the amount of heat that enters through the windows.

With these tips, you may see a noticeable decrease in your energy costs during the summer months.

Tips for Your Heating System

Reducing energy costs in the winter is also important to many people, and here are some ways you might be able to accomplish this:

Adjust Windows

One of the most common ways heat is lost in a home is through the windows. Investing in new windows is expensive, but there are several ways you might be able to reduce the amount of heat loss with your windows.

The first way is to close all storm windows if you have them. This will help block more air out, but you may also want to place window film over the windows. You can also go outside and place caulk around every window of your home.

Maintain the Furnace

You should hire an HVAC company to clean the furnace yearly, and you should replace the furnace filters in the device every three months (or sooner). A dirty furnace or filter will make a furnace run more, and every time your furnace runs it costs money.

Use Space Heaters

Another option that can help is to use space heaters instead of your furnace. This is a good idea if you spend most of your time in one room. By placing a space heater in this one room, you can turn your thermostat down.

Saving money is important, and these tips could have a major impact on the amount you spend this year on heating and cooling costs. If you need services for your HVAC system, call a company in your area. Or start your search at sties like